Vegas Baby! ISC West 2018

Once again we are ramping up our immune systems and prepping for our annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the ISC West Show.  We are looking forward to learning more about applying technology and the future of the security industry during this show. We hope you will visit our manufacturer's booths and contact any of [...]

Which Security System should I buy?

Are you perplexed about which product or solution to consider for purchase? Deciding how much money is fair to spend on a security system today can be a daunting task.  How to find the right resource to get help is also confusing. So many mergers and acquisitions, start-ups, buy-outs, pressured low cost pricing and the [...]

UL Listed Door Entry is important to K12 and Fire Marshalls

Having insight to what your needs are as an end user is important when purchasing a product to solve a problem, security need or industry mandate. Schools must preempt visitors through the main door accessing the interior of the building. Many people have reacted to the recent shootings to get a solution installed without much consideration [...]

Power Utility secured using DVTEL and Stentofon

Mission critical security is widely used however not so widely understood and deployed.  DVTEL has a history of deployments and long standing installations that point to their expertise in this area.  Most recent is a deployment for Eskom who has secured their power station in South Africa with DVTEL's IOImage analytic and video management solution. Read about [...]

Did Axis misplace trust to be first with 4K?

Trust is difficult to acquire among humans these days. I believe Axis as a brand has been trusted much too far. Surely Canon, Axis' new parent company, sees through the mire of greed and technical inaccuracy over the need to be first to market. Axis reminds me of Steve Urkel from an episode of Family Matters..."Did [...]

RMR…it’s not just for burglary systems

Alternating Current, it feeds every powered security system in North America yet it is rarely if ever monitored as a source of failure. It is the critical point of existence for all electrical systems. Now you can monitor the AC input to your access control, surveillance, fire alarm and other systems with the network managed [...]

4K = 4 x 1080p

What could 4K mean for Video Security? With positive experience of 4K in the broadcast, D-Cinema and consumer businesses, Sony believes that 4K offers major benefits and opportunities to the Video Security industry, with the potential of being the next resolution standard in the security industry.