You d3416541357_d36248692d_brive to a new clients site to find they have a lot of old analog cameras over coaxial cable and they want to upgrade to High Definition image quality and they want it within or under a budget number. What are your options?

You drive out to meet your technician because he says two of the brand new network cameras on a new network system he just installed for your project will not work.You figure that the cable runs are more than 100 meters and just too far for a networking standards. Now What?


Your customer wants HD IP cameras in their elevator. The travel cable is 18 awg conductors and you only have two pair to work with. The travel cable is 780 feet. Now what?

What you need is EtherStretch from Nitek!

Etherstretch products are certified IEEE network 802.x products that carry a true 100Mbps path over coax with power (802.3af). Etherstretch simply converts usable coaxial cable to a 100Mb link or if the cable is damaged it would scale down to 10Mb link. Nitek’s EL1500C unit is a great tool to use to just test all of the cable to make sure it is usable especially on deserted cable.

Did you run your category 5 cable to far or you want to run it further than the network 100M standard? No problem. Etherstretch will let you drag it over 1900 feet or 6 times as far as the Ethernet standard with power.

Download the Etherstretch brochure here > Etherstretch Brochure.

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