Electronic security systems are a great thing to afford and own. It can help prevent accidents, deter crime and mitigate injustices. The latest systems can help operate a business, help with crowd management and drive analytic data for making business decisions on time. But without monitoring for critical system failures such as loss of power, these same systems are useless.

Perhaps the most ironic conception is that you are more secure when the access control, burglary intrusion or surveillance system is installed and the check for payment is written. Why ironic? Because with one pull of the plug, one flick of the switch, a blown fuse or a battery that doesn’t function and everything is for naught!!!

Prevention is the brother of Invention who is the mother of Necessity. Monitoring critical power is the best prevention you can buy for keeping your security access, surveillance and fire systems working!

The innovation of new power products by Lifesafety Power give an installation company and their user the ability to not only monitor when there is a failure in a system but when anything is about to fail. The NL series boards connect to any FPO power supply which allows for a network connection thereby becoming a monitored system.  Important features are as follows:

  • Monitor Battery Status & Charging
  • Monitor Main Power
  • Monitor Fire Alarm Status
  • Temperature
  • SNMP compatible for GET, TRAP
  • History reporting ready

For more about the NL series functions watch Joe’s video here >

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