Are you perplexed about which product or solution to consider for purchase? Deciding how much money is fair to spend on a security system today can be a daunting task.  How to find the right resource to get help is also confusing. So many mergers and acquisitions, start-ups, buy-outs, pressured low cost pricing and the myriad of system choices create the hesitation to decide. Without investing serious research and investigation time into how far your money will go when purchasing a security system or solution for your agency, company or business would be irresponsible.  I have written this in order to help you start the process. This is based on my many years of interviewing people with problems who are in search of finding help and something to buy.  Here are a few simple recommendations will help you get started on the right track.

  1. Outline your problems. Include the basis of the problem along with details that surround the problem if you have an existing system that doesn’t work
  2. In a few short paragraphs define your needs. If you have an existing system, describe what needs to work in the new system, any features that are a must and or any other thing that is desired.
  3. If you security system is a requirement for your business to operate and has any regulatory requirements, discuss with your insurance company to find out the discounted monetary benefits.
  4. Define your budgetary limitations for the initial investment.
  5. Define your budgetary limitation for year 2 and 3. In many cases there are products or contractors that don’t support additional years of warranty at no charge. SMA and SSA type of arrangements should be brought out during proposal considerations.
  6. Interview a security consultant or engineering firm that specializes in risk management, risk advisory, security program administration and representation of owner for implementation of security systems. 
  7. Build a security plan and request for proposal.
  8. Interview electronic systems contractors or integrators who can participate in your RFP. These companies should be well vetted with BBB, professional associations, local referral list of clients and be ready to sign a performance contract.
  9. Ask for a field trip to see any type system or brand of system proposed. Getting first hand information from another similar system user can prove very helpful in the decision making process.

There are professional associations available as a resource to you, the end user.  The American Society of Industrial Security is our largest most value oriented association that glues law enforcement, end users, engineering firms, consultants and contractors together for ongoing education in the security industry.  Our firm can also be an excellent resource to help you become more educated about choosing the right product or solution. Contact us any time!

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