The UL sticker is a lovely site for all products when it comes to getting an approval from the AHJ inspector in many different states, counties and cities that inspect installations for installing contractors. However the actual certification isn’t only a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) thing. It is a specification by UL that other independent labs use so there can be a different certifying lab who issues their own version of sticker as a mark of approval.

So the lab is certified by Underwriters Laboratories not the product necessarily. Some of our manufacturers use Intertek as their lab. Intertek has over 50,000 different product listed for over 7000 companies. Here is a list of approved testing labs for one of the strictest counties in Florida.

Miami Dade List of Approved Testing Labs

Click to access laboratories.pdf

Product control web page

If you have a letter of rejection or name of an AHJ that has rejected the ETL Listed Mark we would be happy to follow-up with them. As a point of interest Intertek has been approved by Dade-Metro County and over 20 years in their Building Department Lab Approval program. A Miami-Dade Inspector visited the Intertek facility in Cortland, NY on June 5th as part of the on-going inspection activity. Intertek is recognized by the Miami-Dade Building Department. This is the contact name of the Miami-Dade Inspector who visited Intertek recently.

Patrick Cotter, BNC Product Control Inspector
Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources
Quality Assurance Unit
11805 SW 26th Street, Room 208

At your service!

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