Having insight to what your needs are as an end user is important when purchasing a product to solve a problem, security need or industry mandate. Schools must preempt visitors through the main door accessing the interior of the building. Many people have reacted to the recent shootings to get a solution installed without much consideration for building code, fire code much less the future plans for how the system would interact with other facets of their infrastructure.

As it turns out the authority having jurisdiction is highly biased towards the UL certification standard when electrically controlling a door whether by the telephone system, a stand-alone intercom system or video surveillance system integrated to handle door control. When in doubt call your local building code official and fire marshall to clarify their requirements when controlling doors.photo

A list of product buying considerations for communicating with and controlling a door are:

  • UL Listing – we are talking US here not Canada or others
  • Network Agnostic – COTS available
  • Audible intelligence e.g. noise cancelling, auto microphone gain control, etc.
  • Telephony compatibility e.g. SIP, VOIP, iPBX integration
  • Video Surveillance compatibility for intercom door entry to be recorded
  • Vandal resistance along with camera covertness
  • Weather resistance

Some school districts are now having to remove their non-UL listed products due to the fire marshall inspections going on around this country today. Cheaper is not always better. Paying for stand alone products that use proprietary cabling cost more in the long run and are limited for integration with other systems.

Planning for the future of your telephony and security needs will save your school time and money!

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