How much value is there in any particular surveillance or security product you sell or install today? The start of the new year deserves reviewing the question. The following offers to refine and categorize the value of a manufacturer and the products or systems they offer:

  • Barrier to Entry
    1. Market or territory exclusiveness
    2. Training requirement
    3. Professional “Business to Business” program
      • No threat of internet reselling
      • Price protection for project specific needs
      • Sales & marketing alliance
  • Competitively optimized
    1. Product pricing & quality
    2. High tech design & aesthetics
    3. Customer Service & Support / Warranty
    4. Easy to sell
    5. Easy to install
    6. Easy to use
  • Ease of Doing Business
    1. Responsiveness to business issues
    2. Inventory availability
    3. Commitment to success
    4. Integration capabilities
    5. Compliance to Regulatory Agencies

Considerations for these elements may help make a better product decision thereby reducing anxiety. Understanding how elements affect the company performance uncovers the subjective value. There is anxiety over products that are difficult to support either out of the box, or post installation. These product manufacturer issues affect your company’s profit, reputation, and support time for other important clients waiting for service.

Standardizing on a product that is guaranteed to work is the most value and it is the way to be more profitable longer. It is that simple.

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