It was early on Tuesday morning when I arrived at the marina to meet with the new owner of this facility. The prior week the owner had called me to ask for help to assess the existing system and make recommendations for improvements.  This was the first device I inspected but the rest of the cameras, sensors, card readers and other ancillary devices weren’t in much better condition. The system was old and in disrepair.

I find most often that many end users haven’t assessed their risk so that their needs are properly realized. As a consultant experienced in working with users and security contractors alike, I start asking questions that pertain to what it is that the end user thinks the business and their facility has at risk in order to make practical recommendations. Many changes can take place in a business environment even though it doesn’t physically change.  In the case of this marina property it had changed over the years adding new inventory for sale as well as expanding its storage of inventory that was not protected.

When upgrading old technology to new you may want to ask a few extra questions.

  1. How effective has the existing security system operated for the business?
  2. If there was anything we could add or change to the system what would it be?
  3. Have there been thefts?
  4. Has the existing alarm system been prone to false alarms?
  5. How important is it that the new system work exactly like the old system?
  6. How many people will need to view and use the system?
  7. How employees are there involved with the business?
  8. Is there a need to control entries and exists to the building?
  9. Does inventory and assets need to be protected from theft, fire or other risks?
  10. Is there any known risks to the business? e.g. espionage, competitive aggressors, etc.
  11. Is lighting sufficient for night time deterrent?
  12. How are windows and doors secured?

There can much more to take into consideration depending on the size and complexities of the business. If you’d like to work with the Security Reps team then please do contact us to  set an appointment.

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