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the event or action of being secure

Time to upgrade but to what?

A technology refresh can create new problems or fail to address old issues with any business using electronics to protect and deter crime.

Power Utility secured using DVTEL and Stentofon

Mission critical security is widely used however not so widely understood and deployed.  DVTEL has a history of deployments and long standing installations that point to their expertise in this area.  Most recent is a deployment for Eskom who has secured their power station in South Africa with DVTEL’s IOImage analytic and

4K = 4 x 1080p

What could 4K mean for Video Security?
With positive experience of 4K in the broadcast, D-Cinema and consumer businesses, Sony believes that 4K offers major benefits and opportunities to the Video Security industry, with the potential of being the next resolution standard in the security industry.

More out of 4K vs. 1080p vs 720p

The internet; Is it really a value price problem for the security industry?