Imagine your camera system has a mind of its own. Knowing where a person, vehicle, or other object you want to track is about to go and then the next camera and the next shows that as it moves through the landscape. Knowing how each camera view is related to the other is what SNAP does. It is force multiplier for camera systems enabling the operator to be assisted to track the object intelligently, automatically.

Snap FMx allows video surveillance operators to more easily navigate through large camera networks, and in particular provides a tool to effectively track persons of interest from camera to camera. In concert with VMS platforms including Milestone XProtect, it provides an operator experience making it easy to track with continuity, certainty and confidence, both live and for incident review.  Today SNAP’s primary integration is to the Milestone VMS solution. 

The SNAP process to integration is automatic and requires little manual intervention where SNAP automatically learns the majority of the camera relationships as views overlap and are adjacent to each other. As a result, SNAP provides a very effective audit of camera coverage of any site. SNAP highlights these gaps in coverage to help prioritise additional cameras for more adequate coverage.

Features we think are cool about SNAP:

  1. Using Milestone and SNAP together, a user can open SNAP directly from a live or playback window as there is a SNAP link button on the bottom right of each camear view. SNAP opens the correct camera every time and to the point in time of the event being reviewed, in the case of playback. There is no manual requirement to go and find the camera of interest then the event then playback.
  2. There is no additional charge by Milestone to use or integrate SNAP with the Milestone 3rd party SDK.  SNAP and Milestone specifically cater to those wishing for a proof of concept at no additional costs.
  3. An operator can easily transition between live and playback video within the SNAP user interface. An example would be where an operator tracking a live event in SNAP can the reverse playback and show recorded video.  Then if the operator is watching playback of a recorded event, at 2x or 4x, then catches up to live video, SNAP will automatically start showing the live feed.
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