Outdoor Intrusion Detection

Easy to install, & use - sophisticated detection designed to catch burglars!
Easy to install, & use – sophisticated detection designed to be installed on a fence, wall, pipe or in-gound. 




We think that outdoor intrusion detection should be simple and easy. Detecting intrusions at the property line whether on the fence, wall or under the ground shouldn’t require a week long class to be certified and take a week to set-up. RBtec has a decades of historical experience in the field of outdoor intrusion proving to make these types of system easier and more cost affordable.

Using underground and above ground detection systems by RBtec makes other systems seem antiquated. 2016-01-15_14-44-35Systems by RBtec are easy to install and easy to use. Simplicity also affects cost. RBtec is affordable too!

No calibration is needed. No training or special tools are required. The system can be integrated to any system used for notification or monitoring including burglary and access control systems.

Whether the system is underground, wall or fence mounted the sensors are multi-directional. Once a setting is chosen from the 32 available sensitivity adjustments, the sensor reaches its  high detection threshold with a very low false alarm rate.  How can a system so easy be so accurate you ask?

IronClad Weather UnitThe system incorporates a weather compensation unit so that the entire system understand what effect the wind, rain, snow and sleet may be having on the system to avoid nuisance alarms. The self adjusting 32 compensation settings are used to simply find the right tolerance.

Contact us today to discuss your application.

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