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New U-series cameras are introduced to offer a lower price to be competitive with lesser products. The U-series are H.265 only. The do not offer all the features of the rest of the Panasonic camera product line. If you are looking for dome style indoor and outdoor cameras click here.  If you are seeking the bullet style outdoor cameras the click here.  For more conventional style body cameras indoor or for use with a housing with integrated varifocal zoom lens click here. > 

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Spring 2020 Product Catalog
What''s new in the new catalog you ask?

New U-series cameras, new server configurations for all Video Insight IP servers, new integrations to Allegion locking products. 


Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. How many years are my Panasonic cameras under warranty?  If you purchased your Panasonic camera products from an authorized Panasonic i-Pro certified reseller, then those products will follow the 5 year limited warranty offered.
  2. How can I get support for my Panasonic products? You may work with the Panasonic i-Pro certified reseller you purchased your products from or other certified resellers that offer those same services in your market area.
  3. If I own Video Insight software, how can I upgrade to the current version of the system?  You may contact a Panasonic i-Pro certified reseller in your area to gain support from and receive upgrades.
  4. What cameras are eligible for free licensing? Only the Panasonic i-Pro and Advidia brands. There is a camera charge for other brands such as Axis, Hanwha, Bosch, Arecont, Pelco, etc.
  5. What must I do to activate the MonitorCast access control part of the Video Insight software inside my surveillance IP Server platform? You must work with a certified i-Pro reseller to get instruction and support to make sure it is implemented properly.
  6. Are there any recurring fees associated with the Video Insight surveillance and or access control software system? Today Panasonic i-Pro Security Solutions does not charge recurring support, service, or upgrade fees; however, Panasonic does offer a critical call support license in lieu of your resellers support service team if your facility needs 24/7 direct support from Panasonic.
  7. How many clients can the Video Insight IP server for surveillance support? 128 is max client use.  
  8. How many versions of a client for Video Insight does Panasonic offer? There are three ways to connect remotely to the Panasonic Video Insight software system as follows: Mobile Smart Phone Client, Web Browser Client, and the VI MonitorPlus Client Windows based application.
  9. What is the difference between the Panasonic WV-ASM300 VMS and the VIdeo Insight VMS?  The ASM300 system is designed to work with the purpose built embedded network video recorders by Panasonic which include the NX200, NX300 and NX400 machines. The ASM300 is optimized for 4K video and as an engineered solution for Panasonic products integrated with face recognition (FacePro) and the analytic solutions  offered by Panasonic. Video Insight offers access control in addition to surveillance. The Video Insight surveillance platform is more universal to other integrations and camera manufacturers. 
  10. Are my existing Panasonic cameras license free on the Video Insight platform? Only Panasonic cameras manufactured after October 2014 are license free on the VI platform.
  11. How can I tell if my cameras were manufactured after October 2014? Find the serial number on your camera, or box that your camera came in. The first digit of the serial number is an alpha character that signifies the date code where N = 2014, O = 2015, P=2016. The second character indicates the month where A = January, B =  February, C = March. October 2014 = NJ .

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