Strong Poles

Strong Poles makes it easy to get a pole in the ground. Modular installation from the concrete form to the bolt pattern in a basket. Just add to the proper sized hole with concrete and water. Voila!

The SteadyMax 6″ Pole makes Strong Poles the strongest pole ever made under 30′ with sizes 16′, 20′ and 25′. This pole is non-tapered and can withstand winds over 150 mph. When ordering, the mounting basket is included as well as state of the art vibration dampening.


Why buy a Strong Pole? BECAUSE….

  • American made in Texas of the strongest aerospace aluminum known to man
  • Patented “no weld” technology makes it a beauty too.
  • Accessories galore for many different camera applications.
  • 35,000 lbs of load.
  • Use conduit inside poles for UL listed raceway requirements on either 4 or 5 inch product.
  • Tilt base to help with lowering pole for service.img_9037