Hear, be heard and understood in any Environment

By developing revolutionary IP-based Intercom and PA solutions, we deliver clear, intelligible audio in highly noisy environments over standard power over Ethernet connections.
We provide audio solutions that seamlessly integrate into other commonly used technologies so a virtual presence can be achieved.

With 70 years in the communications market, what separates Zenitel from the rest of the intercom providers is our specialty – Critical Communications over IP (CCoIP). With features and functions so advanced, our systems have been implemented and proven in the most demanding of environments.

Whether you are adding to a security system or your VOIP or SIP phone system Stentofon makes integration with these systems easy!!!  Many integrations with access control and video surveillance software exist today so be sure and check with your favorite manufacturer.  Stentofon makes their SDK availability open to the security and technology community so please ask us how to acquire should you have the need.

Tracking, controlling and responding to events are accomplished more efficiently when all data generated is interfaced and controlled from a single point. Stentofon’s systems offer centralized control over an entire security system through control room stations, PC based control handler software and interfacing to third management systems. Stentofon’s seamless integration with a range of systems such as CCTV, IP and PBX telephony, radios, DECT telephones, public address and access control makes life easier for small to enterprise needs.  Stentofon’s Alphacom system will integrate with:




Critical Communication over IP (CCoIP) employs VoIP taking it a step beyond conventional IP systems by adding enhanced IP services and applications integrating security, quality and reliability capabilities. As the industry makes the transition to VoIP technology, choices are made by manufacturers as to the “standards” their system will attain. The STENTOFON system is backwards compatible and open so the needs and requirements of the customers are continuously maintained and met with the highest quality and operating performance.

Stentofon products are UL listed and can help solve a number of mandates where the functionality is equally as important as the IBC, HIPPA, OSHA, UBC, NFPA and UL requirements. Some applications are as follows:

  • Area of Refuge
  • Visitor pre-screening for K12
  • Public Address for Mass Notification
  • Operating Room and Laboratory Areas
  • Port Security Operations

Here is an important article published in Security Products Magazine about Stentofon experiences in Maritime Port Security applications. > CommunicationIsCritical


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