FST Biometrics

FST Biometrics’ products use a fusion of biometric and analytic technologies that include facial recognition, behavior analysis, and voice recognition to provide a seamless security experience for buildings, corporations, and secured facilities. The technology makes cards, keys, physical ID cards and building sign-ins obsolete, while offering unparalleled security, as well as a
seamless access experience across the board.

Facial Recognition enhances museum applications

Jewish Community Centers standardize on IMID to enrich existing access control systems.

In 2013, the industry totaled $388 billion—with 82 percent of that spent by the private sector—according to a 2014 report. That’s bigger than educational services ($308 billion) and arts, entertainment and recreation, including gaming ($280 billion). Electronic security products—ranging from alarms to metal detectors to card readers—are at the forefront of this growth. The Freedonia Group, a market research firm,estimates the market for these products will grow to $16.2 billion by 2019.

Ask us for a demonstration of the FST Biometric solution today.



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