CDM Wireless

Let’s go CDM Wireless – what is your application?

Made in the USA…how many companies can say that any more?! CDM ( Carolina Design Manufacturing ) hails from Youngsville, North Carolina just outside of Raleigh.  For 25 years these men have designed wireless RF solutions for security. This is not your low cost bottom of the barrel wireless radio company. CDM serves the security community not the entire world market. If you need someone to pick up the phone and help you then CDM is what you want. You can expect professional engineering services with great products that are designed for security & surveillance applications guaranteed to work backed by excellent customer service and support for each project.

Why CDM and Security Reps?

  • All radios are always programmed out of the box based on customer diagram or survey.
  • No certification required. Support is standard out of the box.
  • We respond the same day while you are in the bucket. Help is on time!
  • We don’t charge extra for remote assistance and include all licensing and unlimited bandwidth all free of charges.
  • All equipment is tested before we ship it to you. It is powered on, plug-N-play tested before it leaves the factory.
  • We offer design services including site surveys, radio path analysis, modeling and network simulations.

We will help you solve the problems including P2P, P2MP, video, audio, data, IP and solar. We will identify the system design criteria and the components needed by developing an understanding of the project size and scope. CDM understands how much bandwidth is required for security cameras and systems. The exact product is selected based on line of sight, trees or buildings represented by a graphical drawing with the appropriate antenna selection.

What happens when you don’t use CDM and rely on your on inexperience or a product that has no live support, no pre-programming and testing = you lose money! Don’t risk a loss by using a cheaper product that isn’t designed with security in mind. Get the best insurance policy in the wireless business, get CDM Wireless!