American Fibertek

We are privileged to work for an American device manufacturer like American Fibertek who offers a life time warranty on their specialty designed products for the security industry. For more than 25 years American Fibertek has designed and engineered products that address the specific needs of the security market in the categories of networking, surveillance, audio communications, access control and intrusion. AFI’s products are innovative converting analog video, translating serial protocols and offer network interfaces to monitor and control products that are otherwise alien to the security solution. The following are just a few of AFI’s outstanding product innovations that we sell everyday:

Convert Multi-mode to Single mode in this unique compact package.

If you need inputs and outputs to globally affect each other along with other sophisticated features such as watchdog ping, serial data and messaging requirements then our NET I/O products may be what you are looking for.





Do you install access control and need Wiegand data over a long distance? The American Fibertek 479 Series transmits the Wiegand D0, D1 data channels from an access control card reader over a single multimode optical fiber. In the return direction, 2 channels are available to provide the Wiegand LED / Beeper status to the card reader. Two bi-directional contact channels are also available.  The system is comprised of two transceivers forming a point-to-point communications link. The system is designed to be completely transparent to data protocol. For ease of installation, diagnostic indicators provide a quick visual indication of system status. Equipment may be ordered as stand alone modules or rack cards that are mounted in the American Fibertek Card Cages: SR-20/2, SR-20H/2.  Single mode fiber version is also available.

There is still analog cameras being sold and installed. If you are trying to maintain an analogy fiber and or coax system then please look no farther than AFI systems to solve your issues. The analog HD cameras used today go well with the AFI 960H series which s a standard for security cameras and security DVR’s that provides high resolution images using advanced image sensors. Security cameras capable of 960H produce an image that is 960 horizontal and 480 vertical pixels large (960×480).  960H is an analog video system compatible with existing RG59/u cables. Fiber optic systems are a natural partner for 960H to maintain the higher resolution and real time video display. Our systems provide >700tvl resolution over the entire distance range and loss budget of the products with consistent signal to noise ratio.