Are you ready? We are and so are our manufacturers. This year we will have 8 of our esteemed manufacturers present to demonstrate the latest and greatest product solutions. Please do contact us for an appointment prior to the show.


You may also download the map here if you’d like a hard copy of it.

Cast Lighting is the newest manufacturer on our team. Cast manufactures a unique low voltage LED solution that solves many security and cost associated issues with lighting. Come see how you can easily and effectively add light to your security solution. Come meet Dave Beausoleil and team.

FST Biometrics is unlike any other thing you may know for access control. It is what access control should be and will be very shortly as we continue to see larger end users get on board. Integration to many ACS manufacturers including Software House, American Magnetics, Lenel, Genetec and more. Come me Nicole Palumbo and Yaron Zussman at the booth.

Lifesafety Power is evolutionary in the truest sense by monitoring and controlling the single most important thing in any security system for failure. New rack mounted solutions for most access control hardware including Mercury, Software House, Paxton, Kantech, Amag, Lenel, Keyscan and more. Come meet Matt Virga, John Oliver,  Joe Holland and team.

Nitek is for transporting video and audio across copper infrastructure. It is a true IEEE device that is transparent on any network. Nitek converts UTP and Coax to ethernet. UL Listed with new designs, come meet Chad Szekeres and team at Nitek.

Razberi manufactures a solution to help distribute video across any network by localizing it with their ServeSwitchIQ. Dual NIC ports on the machine help with cyber security and dealing with client connections. The value is very high once you realize what they are doing and what kind of feature set you get for the health of the system. Compatible with many of the main VMS offerings including IPconfigure, Milestone, Axis, Avigilon, 3VR, Exacq, DigiOp, ONSSI, Lenel and Genetec. Come meet Jeff Wetzel and team.

RBTEC Perimeter Systems manufactures simple easy to install and understand outdoor intrusion systems. We have been in the field and spoke with many users who have RBTEC’s product installed and there is nothing but good. It is simple to configure, install and monitor. False alarms appear to be less than 1% of any system. In many cases 0%. Come meet Dori and get to know RBTEC.

Sielox a 40 year old access control manufacturer who protects their clients investment. Very few manufacturers still work on a B2B level holding sacred the integrator and dealer relationship. All things are not equal and Sielox has a great story, great leadership and great products. Come see the AC-1700 controller and the acclaimed CLASS solution. Meet Mike Hallford, Karen Evans and Terry Carver at the booth.

We can’t say enough great things about Stentofon. It is the easist to use communications product known to the security industry. Pick your flavor as they do it all; VOIP, SIP and Alphacom. Come get a demo of Turbine to see why Stentofon exceeds our clients expectations!   At the booth meet Elizabeth Connolly and Jim Hoffpauir.



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