Why hire us?

Independent manufacturers representatives are nothing new to the electronic security and communications industry. By definition we are an outsourced sales force.  You and your company most likely already outsource many areas of your company’s operations such as your legal and accounting work, and you may also outsource bookkeeping, human resources, and other vital elements of your business. And the reason to outsource your sales force is the same as the reason to outsource those other functions — it’s a cost-effective way to leverage expertise that you could not afford on a full-time basis. We are not just experts on your product; we are experts in our local market area. And, unlike a direct employee who may be looking for the bigger paycheck that comes with being promoted, a manufacturers’ rep has roots in the community and has no desire to be “promoted” away from friends and family. Since his or her “inventory” is years or decades of experience in their market, why would he or she want to relocate and leave that behind?

Hiring reps instead of hiring a direct sales force avoids all the fixed costs of direct sales employees: Salary, medical insurance, workers compensation, human resources, travel and entertainment, and more. It is difficult to argue with a $0 cost of sales.

Our firm is a business to business agency. We work to build relationships for you, the manufacturer, in three key categories; resellers, specifiers and end users. We have many years of experience and an intimate knowledge of our territory.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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