Security Reps is a company of experienced and professional people. Our people  use the latest in selling tools with advanced software and hardware technology to professionally demonstrate our manufacturer’s products.

Our selling activities pivot on a the daily use of a “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) system. Our CRM delivers opportunity activity and forecast data on an automated on-time schedule. Each sales person contributes the necessary information to the CRM on a daily and weekly routine. Our CRM tool is used for lead development, data base support, opportunity generation, on-time follow-up, and analytical reporting to our manufacturers.

Equipment that we use daily in our selling routine is protected in cases such as the ones here.

The company works exclusively with manufacturers that do not compete with each other. Our manufacturing clients are very important to our business so the product lines are complimentary in order to create synergy between manufacturers. This synergy helps our team offer a complete solution to our clients and the end user.


Our territory alignment and measurement is an ongoing process all year long. An annual sales plan is used set goals and analyze historical data to get work started each new year. Monthly and quarterly measurement helps focus in on key accounts, business development needs, pipeline growth and product leadership direction as the year goes on.

The people that make up our firm are our most valuable resource. It is the intention of Security Reps to retain great people and great manufacturers over time so that we may all accomplish the goal of building a long term growth oriented sustainable business together!

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