Every day I work I find companies, whether end users or resellers, who could utilize their time and money much more effectively and efficiently if they would only collaborate with others outside their own environment. Many are so trapped in their own environment that they can’t see the trees in spite of the proverbial forest.

For every business created there is at least one hundred or one thousand more that operate in a similar or identical method. This could be education, healthcare, manufacturing, power generation, retail or any security contractor doing the work of burglary, access control or surveillance installation and service.

Are we asking the right questions to make a decision to purchase, use or lead with the right product, system or solution? As an example, the following questions are relevant to choose the right surveillance camera:

  • What is the future of video surveillance and how do these features apply to my business?
  • What technology and processing should be in the camera to make these feature work best?
  • What manufacturers are developing technology like this and which ones are working openly with others to offer the best solution?
  • What subsystems, systems, and other components work best with these type of cameras?

If you want, replace the video surveillance or camera with whatever the product is that you would want; i.e. access control, power supply, electronic locking device, card reader, building management system, PSIM, VMS, intrusion system, burglary sensor, etc.

Why risk your time and comfort zone to go and consort with others? Collaboration helps open minds for the discovery of new answers and new questions. Collaborating outside the known environment offers more risk mitigation for loss due to choosing the wrong product, system, solution and or provider. The questions might now look like the following:

  1. What video surveillance platform are you using and how does that better help your business future proof itself?
  2. What technology and features in a camera is your business using that has helped improve your business? What features are must haves?
  3. What other sub-systems, systems or other components have you found important to eliminating and deterring risk?

Collaboration offers the opportunity to compare notes and find new ways of accountability. Certainly reading and using industry resources will help you; however,  having an expansive network of people and companies you can collaborate with is ultimately invaluable.

Joining into an industry association can more easily connect you with similar businesses. The value found by networking through professional trade associations while typical can be a good start.  These relationships often become lifelong and the most important to help accomplish goals more easily. There are other ways to collaborate however the first step is committing to using this process before you set off to benefit from it.

Realizing we only know as much as we have been exposed to learning thus far is key to opening our minds to learn what we don’t know. According to several technology-centric journals, technology has outpaced the human ability to comprehend it futuristically by as much as 3 years. Electronic security continues to set a fast pace with the rest of the worlds technological advances in processing. Such change is the norm which requires continued education and collaboration to learn more now than ever.


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