7 days ago it was discovered that someone hacked HIKvision’s security system…surprise! I am not surprised given that this is the norm and not an exception. IPVM blogs that “What was once just warnings and consumer concerns has exploded into a major problem for Hikvision”. Now the Chinese manufacturer must face their own people and government as Hikvision’s security recorders have been hacked at a large government installation in the province of Jiangsu, China.

In my opinion Hikvision is now troubled over security in their product because of their lack of concern for network security in the first place versus taking market share as the cheapest alternative. The public announcement of these problems during the past years tend to prove this. In the popular Wired Magazine’s article on Hikvision: HACKERS TURN SECURITY CAMERA DVRS INTO WORST BITCOIN MINERS EVER.

If it is happening in China you know it is happening in the US. Will anyone learn from this manufacturer and users mistakes? It may just be that the successful hack was due to the use of weak passwords / default passwords. Ironically this news is even worse given the Chinese government’s recent efforts to restrict foreign products that might expose them to hacking / attacks.

Should Chinese products including HIK ever be purchased by any US business much less residential consumer until they can pass a standard including security testing and prove that they don’t violate human rights in the manufacturing of their product (e.g. ISO-9001HR)?  Is it evident that the US government and public chooses to ignore the blatant human rights abuses in China over buying a cheap products? This is one guy who thinks so!  Just how much does an iPhone, security recorder or security camera go up in price if we don’t have chinese kids building it?

What is China trying to do to the United States and its citizens?  Or is this government and its manufacturers trying to spy on everyone? Chinese manufacturer, Lenovo, who appologizes in an announcement two weeks ago, admitted that it willingly installed spamware onto all of its laptops. Does this increase our growing security concerns? Do these actions warrant new questions about what the Chinese are really trying to accomplish?

I love me some Chinese people and their food. I love that those same people love being in the U.S. and like me eating their food and visiting their businesses. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. I hate products just like I hate people that take unfair advantage. While it is nothing new, I do believe that what we are experiencing now is just a small taste of what is yet to come.

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