Trust is difficult to acquire among humans theaxisUntitledse days. I believe Axis as a brand has been trusted much too far. Surely Canon, Axis’ new parent company, sees through the mire of greed and technical inaccuracy over the need to be first to market.

Axis reminds me of Steve Urkel from an episode of Family Matters…”Did I do that?”  It is likely that the Axis marketing department would say, “do what?” Has Axis has intentionally misled customers to buy their product. Here is what may have happened….

Let’s say you are Axis. You wake up one morning to find everyone in the industry thinks 4K is the next greatest thing. So you get in your BMW and rush to the store to buy new 4K sensors. But which one to buy? So you call manufacturing and they have a bunch of 5MP camera housings and lenses laying around. Turns out that the 1/2.3 image 4K sensor will fit that camera shell thus a really quick solution to having the latest 4K camera on the market. But then you realize you don’t have any 4K lenses. Now what?

Ask your buddies at Axis. I believe that is exactly what they did!  Their new 4K device comes up short and oddly enough about 1440p or about 4MP short which is not even close to par @ 4K.  Take the 5MP lens off and try a real 4K lens and you just might get there!  Maybe it’s only a white lie, a half truth. Either way you are not getting what you are paying for; or are you @ $800 it may be a deal after all!

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