Does your organization need emergency notification and response capabilities that are beyond a cell phone and email blast? Do you need enterprise mapping capabilities to provide safe exit and evacuation for those exiting buildings and campus? If so you may need a CLASS.

CLASS can potentially save lives by offering these features across smartphones, mobile devices and workstations. CLASS is the only emergency notification and response solution that can instantly initiate an alert condition, enable communications with first responders, and visually track and report status in real time on a room-by-room, building by building basis.


CLASS is purpose-designed to achieve three core objectives: deliver a comprehensive alert and response solution that is easy to install and implement; provide ease of use with minimal instruction; and be affordable to accommodate a wide range of budgets and vertical markets such as education that need the solution most.

Once a threat is identified, an alert can be sent with just the push of a button from a tenant’s computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other device with an internet connection. Security personnel can place the tenant space into lockdown, evacuate, shelter, or all-clear status. Alerts can also be sent by security personnel and first responders to tenants. Two-way communication between security, tenants, and law enforcement is handled silently, and all in real-time.

This type of communication means that the intruder, active shooter won’t know what’s being said (or who’s saying it). An audit trail will also be left behind after the incident or crisis is over, which can be helpful if questions arise later. So whether it is a school district, high rise building, corporate campus or hospital, CLASS may be the solution you are looking for.

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