Everyone has access to Axis and Avigilon products. I hear the two brands so much I feel sick like eating too many pancakes! Is it that everyone wants to be the same or that 19MP cameras are really that good? I heard the other day that even the Taliban are certified GOLD Axis and Avigilon dealers. Hey if Avigilon can claim they can replace 187.5 cameras with just one of their cameras then I can say Taliban.

Give us a shot and let us show you the money! Picture3

Do you want to know how to sell the cloud? How about long term video retention applications? Do you think mobile video is difficult? What do you do for case management, recording court room video or interview rooms?

We have important game changer product solutions that are not over marketed and not over distributed. We have open markets with either limited or no key account in that space. Let’s discuss your company’s next product move that insulates you from low ball competitors and keep your techs off the ladder in the post installation warranty period.

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