They certainly mentally bankrupted on this email blast!  Overnight sensation Avigilon buys Red Cloud and months later is an industry expert. The hypocrisy! Criticizing others of being old school and ugly profit raping monsters. Wow!

I surveyed a few Avigilon dealers last week to only find that the system is not that well received. Comments ranged from “more difficult than what we used before” and “a feeling of getting locked in to one product line for everything.”


Avigilon’s product offering uses hardware by Mercury so claiming to be different is just an outright lie! This is the same hardware solution that 85% of the industry uses thus stripping the hardware innovation right out.  Software is what it is, licensed with nothing extra special and if anything it’s hard to use. They certainly are not innovators in the access control space, nor will they be any time soon! Overall Avigilon is found lacking with little promise for innovation.

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