Antaira is Networking

Antaira Technologies has continuously developed reliable and innovative solutions to keep data moving in various industrial application environments.  Antaira products support industry standards and perform efficiently in rugged environments.


Industrial Networks


A variety of managed solutions with PoE, PoE+ and PoE++. Most with SFP ports and most UL listed.

Media Conversion

Whether it is Multi-mode to single mode or fiber to copper, Antaira has the converter.


A multitude of network switches with and without PoE power. Choices from 5 to 24 ports, most UL Listed.

Everything Fiber

Antaira is industrial, high temp, so it is going to have fiber. In fact there isn’t much without a fiber port.


We highly Recommend it

Antaira manufactures a number of products you just will not see many other places such as:

  • multi-mode to single mode media conversion
  • 60watt PoE injectors
  • M12 Switches for mobile applications like buses, trains, police cars and military vehicles.
  • Conformally coated devices and much more


Get Everything You Need for your security project

We have Antaira installed on ships, in steel manufacturing plants with no environmental controls, military bases, around cities using cameras for surveillance and on the roadside for transportation applicaitons. Antaira is dependable and many of our clients are very satisfied with the performance, support and dependability of this product line. 

For Critical Installations

Built For difficult environments

Most of the product line is already higher temperature rated than most products availalbe on the commercial market. More selection for Hi-Temp rated and conformally coated for those applications where air isn’t moving, very heated or very cooled and the humidity or corrosion is higher than normal.

Try & Buy

If you’d like to try it before you buy it then ok. Antaira supports your desire to see it before you buy it and we can help. Just contact us to get the product you’d like to see and we will deliver it in person!

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