For Resellers

Security Reps works as a business to business sales adviser for manufacturers of electronic security products. Primarily this business is conducted with value added resellers or otherwise known as dealers. An additional reseller known as a distributor is included in many transactions because of the need to warehouse and properly distribute products on-time. Our intention is to always help educate in order to prevent design and advisement errors otherwise made without the necessary product knowledge. We hope to earn the respect and loyalty for our time spent working each reseller through the product design and purchase.

Market exclusivity will eliminate unnecessary reseller or dealer competition with products that are not commodity oriented. It provides a direct route to the manufacturers administration, sales, training, service and support team. Some manufacturers we represent are very reseller oriented and loyal to the business-to-business relationship. If you are looking for a new manufacturer or product line that will keep your business from harm due to internet exposure or simply unlimited access to the product line by all your competitors, then please talk to us. We are sensitive to maintaining an even balance so that our clients are well trained and supported before and after the sale.

usVSthemSo why work with us? We respect your time and your investment in running a company. We understand how much effort it takes to be licensed by the state, insured for having a business with employees, vehicles and assets inside 4 walls. We know you need to sell, install and service the same products through time to be profitable. Our firms value with the products we sell protect your investment and your future profits!

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