Top30_openWe are privileged and excited for two of our manufacturers who were selected by Security Sales & Integration magazine for the Top 30 Innovations of 2014.

Lifesafety Power’s exclusive and patented ISCAN and Net Link management access16door-200x187solutions have revolutionized how security dealers will use power forever more. This system enables many service functions to be checked remotely, reducing the cost of onsite service or danger working in restricted areas. iSCAN time/date stamps the last 100 events and sends out automatic log reports on a scheduled basis for a consistent record of a site’s power status. It continuously monitors, controls, and reports the health and status of the host power supply, its battery set, and up to 24 individual outputs.

X Stream Designs new rain free housing, the XJClear, that features the ability to self clean when water is present on the bubble. The product actually has a built-in dome cleaning system with cleaning fluid pump and spray, and a wiping mechanism. Other features include IP feedback and remote control from smart devices, remotely prescheduled cleaning events, and reset control system parameters. Top30_Xstream

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