4K = 4 x 1080p

What could 4K mean for Video Security?
With positive experience of 4K in the broadcast, D-Cinema and consumer businesses, Sony believes that 4K offers major benefits and opportunities to the Video Security industry, with the potential of being the next resolution standard in the security industry.

Sony 4K Network Security Surveillance Camera

Sony has over ten years of Research and Development in 4K. Sony’s 4K cameras have been used in Hollywood blockbusters, top-rated TV dramas and the biggest baseball, football and soccer championship games. They are also #1 in movie theater 4K projectors, with more than 15,000 installations. Sony is also a leader in 4K consumer products with televisions, camcorders, a movie download service and a 4K home server. It is these reasons that you’ll want to know what the newest innovation is from Sony for security surveillance.

Sony 4K Security Surveillance Camera

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