Stentofon by Zenitel


Audio to work anywhere on your network, phone system or…

3rd Party Apps

SIP works to help make connecting easier. Here are a few apps we like.


Do you need critical security communications? Do you need device supervision, real time notification of   device and system events, and integration to your Access or Video surveillance systems?


You can find manuals, helpful information on device installation and operations right here.


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What is sip?

SIP connection stands for Session Initiated Protocol also referred to as voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). SIP connections are typically used when you just want to connect the Turbine to your phone system or smartphone or tablet. 

Gentec Security Center Integration


Turbine Unboxing

What’s in the box. Thanks to our friends at ASR Enterprises for putting this together.

What is Alphacom?

Zenitel manufactures state of the art server based solutions that are embedded for purpose built operation. At the top of the list is Cyber-Defense and supervision of every device on the Alphacom network. See more here.

It is easy

Getting educated is part of being familiar with the components, hardware and software systems any manufacturer uses especially Zenitel. But once you have some familiarity, it is all very easy. Much easier that most if not all of our competitors.

Turbine is all about

being able to be understood across a audio path where one person is in a truck at the gate talking through the intercom to the other person in the warehouse. Both people can hear and be understood regardless of the background noise. That is Turbine!

What is intercom?

It is communication between two places exclusive to each other. It is not a camera, it is not a card reader, it is not anything else but audio that is comprehendable to each end. Get a Turbine and hear the difference!

Emergency Blue Light Towers

If you have an existing tower, we fit in it. Most of the time our adapter plates can be added to help the Turbine station fit. You don’t have to buy a new tower to use the Turbine station.

Infection Prevention & Healthcare

The Zenitel operating room station is made to be wiped down with anti-microbial wipes and soaps. If you have an IP program (Infection Prevention) then you’ll want to use this product instead of a phone. Picking up a handset, pushing buttons is so 1975!


Get in the know about training opportunities at Zenitel’s corporate office for Zenitel products including Turbine, IC-Edge and ICX-500 Systems. Check our Events schedule for training coming to the Southeast US.

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